Rajni Ayapilla

Pixel Point Artworks

Line Art Artist


Custom Portraits

I love to create pieces that evoke feelings of whimsy and nostalgia.

My Custom Portraits ranges for your New Born, Your beautiful pets, Your own baby shower posters, Couples Portraits, etc.

My credentials

Self Taught Artist

Digital Line Art Illustrator

Freelance Illustrator, 2011-present

My Projects

Floral Bundle

Pencil Art Floral Bundle

Women Line Art

Design with Inspirational Quotes

Pet Portraits

Customized Pet Portraits

Every Piece you will own will have your own personalized touch

My Most REcent Artworks

Pixel Point Artworks

Line Art Minimalistic designs for all those who love minimalistic artworks on their walls.

Pixel Point Artworks

Glimpse of my Works

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304, VCCAnnex, Mokila, Hyderabad, India